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MENTARI - Big Yellow Crane


"Big Yellow" is a rotating wooden crane including 2 construction vehicles with moving parts.The horizontal arm of the crane can move forwards and backwards, and the central wheel will raise...

MENTARI - Card Machine


Pretend play credit card machine with decoration as buttons and two slots.Including 3 printed receipt cards and an illustrated payment card. Material: WoodBox: 3 x 13 x 13 cmProduct: 1,5...

MENTARI - Construction Vehicles


A  4-piece construction vehicle set, each one has a moving part.Dump truck, crane truck, excavator and front loader. Material: WoodBox: 4 x 21 x 13,5 cmProduct: 18 x 46 x...

MENTARI - Party Cake


Pretend play wooden party cake with 6 velcro attached pieces to slice with the cake spatula.Decorate with 6 included candles and serve on the tray. Material: WoodBox: 5,5 x 15...

MENTARI - Rise & Shine Toaster Set


Pretend play wooden two slot toaster with push up mechanism as well as slices of bread and some sliceable butter with velcro. Contents: Toaster, butter container, butter with velcro, knife,...

MENTARI - Smoothie Maker


Pretend play wooden smoothie blender that can be lifted off the base which has a clacking button.Includes 6 pieces of fruit, cup with straw and a stirring spoon. Contents: Smoothie...

MENTARI - Take-out Pizza


Wooden pretend play pizza with 6 slices attached together with velcro. Including a rotary pizza slicer and 6 different toppings also to attach with velcro. Material: WoodBox: 3,5 x 18,5...

MENTARI - Teaching Clock


A wooden teaching clock with an outer 12hr dial and a 24hr dial printed on the inner circle.The hour and minute hands ca be moved independently to set and practice...

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